Our Competent team ensures a positive environment in the hospital. They have  a clear understanding of the medical and emotional impact on the patients we actively seek your feed back to services to make them world class.

Our Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff plays a pivotal role in the ongoing care of our patients. They are dedicated to guiding couples through each step of the diagnosis & treatment processes our nurses provide continuous comprehensive education information and support to patients in our hospital.


The hospital takes its inspirations from it it’s able directors Dr. Sandip R.Patel & Dr.Sweety R.Patel,he obtained M.B.B.S form B.J.Medical College Ahmedabad & M.S. Form V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad.

(obs & Gyn)

Dr. Sandip R.Patel – M.B.B.S

He had done approx. 2000 major operations (including Total laparoscopic hysterectomy(T.L.H.),Abdominal hysterectomy,Caesarean section, Ectopic pregnancy etc.) & 15000 minor operations (open & laparoscopic tubal ligation,Diagnostic scopy) at state hospital,dharampur in last 6 years.

And also done approx. 1500 major operation & 3000 minor operations at sai krishna hospital.