All multi orthopaedic treatment under one roof such as invasive and  noninvasive care, physiotherapy, pain management,Trauma & Reconstructive surgery.

Trauma & Reconstructive surgery


  1. Trauma induced fingers cut in machines, mixer grinders, threshers etc.
  2. Road traffic accidents.
  3. Ganglion, tennis elbow,carpal tunnel, trigger finger.

Non union and malunion

Non union is permanent failure of healing following a broken bone.

  1. It is a serious complication of a fracture.
  2. It occurs when fracture has healed but that it has healed in less than an optimal position.
  3. Malunion may result in a bone being shorter  than normal, twisted/rotated in a bad position or bent.


– Swelling  Pain,

– Tenderness,

– Defomity

– Difficulty bearing weight

Traumatic spine surgery

(thoracic spine, lumber spine)

  1. Decompression
  2. Laminectomy